Monday, February 15, 2010


I really like pausing and resuming applications in Android. Even with games you can press the home button, and then resume the game at anytime. (unlike the iphone)
I do not like apple and think their software and hardware is for dummies. Anyway, I love the idea of open source OS or phones because I'm tired of using crappy or limited interfaces (like iphone once again). I like the freedom anyone has to modify Android and use any type of application without any restrictions. I also support the idea of phones being independent from service providers. There are a few phones that are unlocked but I hope more companies take this approach so we can use the phone we like with the service provider we hate the least.
So more about Android and less about phones right?
Android OS is already better than other phone operating systems and it is also open source so it will only get better with everyone contributing. I do not see TV commercials for Android applications like you see for the iphone, but that doesn't mean there aren't any. Android doesn't have a market as big apple so you won't see businesses advertising but there are many applications and the more android phones there are, the more application people are going to make. Remember, Android is not bound to a specific phone.